About us

Infomart India is a full-service technology provider. Whether you need a server, wireless network or simply want to automate repetitive tasks Infomart India can help.

We offer:

Servers, Software, workstations, network hardware, peripherals

  • Smart Device servers — Ensures every remote user can communicate with the corporate office.  IPads, IPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Windows devices all supported.
  • Terminal servers — Connects remote users who need 24/7 access to the corporate server — without compromising the security of the main server.
  • Exchange servers — Provides secure e-mail communication between employees and customers — anywhere, anytime.


  • Industry Specific Software — We work your industry-specific software provider (NextGen; Mars Noteworthy; GMed; Autocad; Peachtree; Quickbooks; Timberline and more) to make sure what you buy from us (or others) will work with it.

Networking Solutions

  • Wired network security — Secure, filter, maintain or connect additional wired connections in a network.
  • Wireless Internet and networking — Wireless Networking needs in house or between multiple locations

Remote Access VPN Solutions

  • Remote access services can save you money on mobile and telecommuting applications and can be provided through a variety of access methods including, ISDN, DSL, cable or wireless. Remote Access VPNs are easy to use — employees connect to the Internet and use VPN software installed on their PC or mobile device to securely access corporate network resources. We also can provide you with other VPN solutions that will fit your situation including Site-to-site; Extranet; Managed Security Services; IPSec Encryption and Ethernet.