Protect your IT equipment against failure. Infomart India preserve and repair all aspects of your business’s IT system to ensure you gain the maximum benefit now and in the years to come.


Like the weakest link in a chain, it can take just one piece of hardware to fail for your entire business processes to grind to a halt. And, when your IT infrastructure combines hardware from a number of sources, of varying ages, from a variety of manufacturers, ensuring it all continues to perform at optimum levels can be quite a challenge.

Keeping on top of numerous maintenance contracts can be a headache for you and result in unnecessary downtime and financial loss for your company. At WESTTEK, we understand that all you want is an engineer who is familiar with your IT set-up to sort the problem out ASAP, regardless of who the manufacturer of the failed piece of hardware is.


Infomart India gives you a single point of contact for all your hardware problems. Our multi-vendor hardware support services ensure all your hardware issues are resolved quickly and conveniently. Better still, we take a proactive approach so that your chances of experiencing hardware failure are minimised in the first place, allowing you to get on with your work, unimpeded by IT problems.

With Infomart India, you get hardware maintenance that:

  • Suits all your IT equipment
  • Is accessible with a single call, whichever equipment is causing the trouble
  • Is delivered promptly, to minimise expensive downtime and accelerate your recovery
  • Prevents further interruptions to your work in the future

Infomart India’s IT maintenance service is designed to take the pain away from your business’s hardware problems and get your system back to good health in the shortest possible time